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Our guide to pet insurance

Health insurance for pets is now very common and there is a very good range of policies available. Pet health insurance gives you peace of mind that if your pet becomes unwell or injured, you can be sure they will have the best treatment to ensure a full recovery.

One of the most important things about pet health insurance is to start when your pet is young and healthy so you avoid policy exclusions.

Some things to consider when choosing a policy:


  • Cover options: accident, illness or wellness(routine health checks and vaccinations are covered)
  • Policy limits per year : usually $10,000- $20,000 depending on plan
  • Annual claim sub limits: check for any potential limits on the amount you can claim for the one particular issue (eg $4,000 on orthopedic issues)
  • Premium or excess may go up as pets get older
  • Annual premiums usually vary from $250 – $550
  • Age limit upon joining is usually 8 weeks to 9 yrs
  • Breed exclusions for certain conditions
  • Waiting periods: May be up to 6 months for orthopaedic surgeries especially cruciate surgery or require a veterinary check to remove the waiting period

Use the internet to compare policies.


Here are some of the common pet health insurance companies:

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