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We have the latest x-ray and ultrasound technology for rapid diagnosis.

  • X-ray

    Our purpose-built radiology room is equipped with a cutting-edge digital x-ray machine. We are able to process high resolution x-rays within seconds. This helps us accurately diagnose and treat your pet without you waiting for results.

  • Dental x-ray

    We have a separate digital dental x-ray machine. This allows us to diagnose and treat dental disease which is not visible to the eye. This technology allows us to provide your pet with greater dental care.

  • Ultrasound

    We have a brand-new ultrasound machine. We can rapidly detect any abdominal or chest problems that your pet may suffer from.

    Our clinic also engages the services of an ultrasound specialist who attends the clinic when required. This will make it easier for you as your pet only needs to attend our clinic to receive this specialised care.

Give us a call to discuss x-rays and ultrasounds
for your pet.

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