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State of the art facilities designed to deliver a comprehensive range of surgical procedures.

Our veterinarians have more than 80 years’ shared experience in surgery. We have two fully equipped surgical suites. We continuously update our equipment, so we can provide the best surgical care. Our 6 vets and caring vet nurses offer your pet round-the-clock care in a sterile and modern hospital. Thanks to our extended operating hours, we’re able to tend to your pet when it matters most.

We know that parting with your pet for surgery is hard, but we’ll give them all the love and care they’d get at home. In every procedure, your pet is constantly monitored by our experienced nurses. Our surgery tables are heated, designed to maintain body temperature during the anaesthetic. We have equipment to measure heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure and ECG heart monitoring.


  • Soft Tissue Injury

    We’re able to perform soft tissue surgical procedures right here at the clinic. That includes de-sexing, biopsies, tumour and lump removals, caesareans, wound stitch-ups, removal of intestinal foreign bodies – the list is endless!

  • Orthopaedic surgery

    Orthopaedic surgery relates to bones or joints. Our sterile surgical suites allow us to perform procedures such as cranial cruciate ligament repair, patella surgery and fracture repairs.

  • Specialist surgery

    Some illnesses or injuries require a specialist for diagnosis and treatment – just like humans. Suppose your pet has a problem that requires this level of expertise. In that case, we can organise a specialist to come to our clinic to treat your pet, or we can refer you to a specialist that has earned our trust. We’re confident they’ll give your pet the optimal chance of recovery.

    Our 20 years in practice has allowed us to build a reliable, trustworthy network of specialists that share our values and ethics. We feel privileged to be able to refer your animals to caring hands.

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