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We offer onsite pathology for rapid results.

We have a comprehensive range of onsite laboratory equipment, including 3 types of blood machines. This means we can quickly and accurately investigate problems, so we can begin immediate treatment resulting in a better outcome for your pet.

  • Blood and Urine testing

    Blood and urine testing allow us to check for underlying diseases which we cannot see during a physical examination. Our in-house laboratory can process blood and urine tests within minutes. This can be done prior to your pet’s surgery or during a consultation. We also have a network of commercial specialist veterinary pathologists which further assists our ability to effectively diagnose and treat your pet.

  • Swab Samples

    Our microscopes help us analyse swab samples from ears or skin, so we can provide instant results during your consultation. That means we can provide your pet with medication during the consultation.

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and our onsite laboratory.

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