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Climate change is a serious threat to the health of all animals.

This is why it was so important for us to act.

The Brimbank Veterinary Clinic is the first veterinary clinic in Australia to become certified carbon neutral on the Australian Government Climate Active Register.

You can join our efforts to slow the impact of climate change!

At Brimbank Veterinary Clinic, we calculated our carbon output and made changes to reduce this to zero. For any carbon that we cannot reduce, we purchase carbon offsets. This makes us carbon neutral!

Making our practice more sustainable means changing the way we do things, so it has little or no impact on future generations. We hope this will encourage other vets and businesses to start the process of reducing their carbon footprint.

We recognise that we need the wider community to help solve this global problem. We invite you to join our efforts to create a better and lasting future for your pets and all animals.

Here are some of the things we have implemented:

Energy efficiency is a feature of our building which is environmentally designed to maximise the use of natural light. This also makes it more comfortable for you and your pets when visiting.

Rooftop solar, we currently have a 30kw rooftop solar system. This generates more clean electricity than we use.

We have stopped using gas. We have replaced our gas appliances with high efficiency electric appliances. Not only has this reduced our carbon footprint it is also saving us money.

We have upgraded out lighting, most of our lights have been changed to LED low energy lights.

We have conducted a water audit and reduced our water use through efficiency measures.

Recycling has been embraced by our team and reduced our need for landfill bins. Electronic waste is sent to a specialised recycler.

Plastic bags are no longer used and compostable bags are used as bin liners.

Advocating for more action on climate change with our membership of Vets for Climate Actions.

Pet health needs climate health, so come and join our efforts to make a better future.